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Altstream Multilayers Pipes
     Owing to their composite structure ALTSTREAM pipes unite in themselves advantages both metal, and plastic pipes and correspond to the highest requirements shown today to systems of water supply and heating. ALTSTREAM pipes are made on the modern equipment, with application of high technologies. The main purpose of ALTSTREAM pipes - internal distributing of hot water and heating.

     High quality of ALTSTREAM production is guaranteed by the multistage monitoring system starting from the control of raw material applied during the manufacture till the close final control of finished goods.

     Owing to the compound structure ALTSTREAM pipes possess advantages of both metal, and plastic pipes and show the best correlation with the highest modern requirements set to systems of water supply and heating.

     The production program includes all necessary assortments of fittings. Combination of multilayer pipes can be carried out by means of ALTSTREAM compression fittings. Such a qualitative way of installation guaranties a strong and tight connection.

     Every production has a universal package, which is highly convenient for either wholesale or retail shops. All necessary information and the instruction details are put on the package of each installation product.

     The complete set includes spare rings that can be used in case of repeated installation.

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